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Our History

We, in Dar Al Uloom Schools, believe that education is a noble mission and we are committed to giving our young people a breadth of learning and the range of skills that they will need to take their place as the leaders of tomorrow. We do so in the context of Islamic values and ethical system that we hope will ensure that they exercise that leadership with wisdom, compassion and humility. We also encourage and reward participation in school sports and strive to promote healthy active living among students. In other words, we pay attention to all student personality’s aspects; whether religious, moral, psychological, scientific, cognitive, or even sports and health aspect.

Dar Al Uloom Schools always seek to adopt the most modern teaching methods and educational technology. So, we equipped our schools with modern curriculums and courses, wise competent educational management, and highly-qualified and experienced teaching staff who are capable of dealing with the students from different age groups. Our prime target is to enhance our students’ leadership skills and innovation and to boost their creativity and their sense of responsibility. Dar Al Uloom Schools’ teaching staff are equipped to meet our modern times needs professionally and to fulfill students’ parents expectations. read more