نبذة عن المدارس

Dr. Abdulaziz Othman Al-Falih

Praise be to Allah and may the blessings and Allah blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, the first teacher of humanity, who brought them forth from darkness to the light. Teaching is a noble profession and those who dedicate their lives to our young people and their futures in Dar Al Uloom schools (whether in the Secondary, intermediate, or primary stages – whether international track or national track) should be given their due appreciation and gratitude for their fruitful efforts.

Dar Al Uloom schools’ remarkable pursuit of creativity and innovation should receive big share of the credit for constant development of the educational process. Such an effort has an obvious reflection on our students who we consider them to be the hope of the future and this country as well. Since established, Dar Al Uloom schools continue to develop their means and methods and constantly rise to the top. So, Good for us to be part of this distinguished educational institution and may Allah bless them and use them to benefit this Ummah.