نبذة عن المدارس

Operators of the Educational Process

The Educational Supervisors:

Dar Al Uloom Schools in Riyadh recognize the importance of educational supervision and the crucial role which the educational supervisors play in assessing and developing teachers’ performance.

From this purpose, Dar Al Uloom Schools have an exceptional team of highly qualified educational supervisors who are specialized in most of the important fields to fully supervise the performance of the teachers and to develop teachers’ cognitive growth and skills each in his/her field of specialization. These efforts aim at directing the educational process effectively and developing it so as to employ the latest pedagogical techniques.

Homeroom Teachers:

Homeroom Teachers: Each class or group of students have a ‘Homeroom Teacher’; that is one of the teaching staff to be responsible for taking care of each student’s needs during school day.

Student Counselors:

Our Schools have a number of qualified student counselors who dedicate their time and effort for helping the students with relation to the problems they face, whether these are personal, social or academic problems..

All students are invited to visit the Student Counselor in their school to discuss the problems they face. It should be noted that any information disclosed to student counselors shall be dealt with complete confidentiality – unless this information involves or represents a threat or danger to the student, any other student, or school employee.

In addition, students are divided into groups of no more than ten students each and each group of student is supervised by one of the teaching staff. Every one of these teachers is supposed to meet with his group of students at specific times according to their daily schedule or whenever necessary. They are also responsible for observing their students’ academic progress and helping them overcome any scientific or behavioral problems they face through a cohesive counseling program that aims at strengthening the relationship between the students and their teachers and improving their performance in various fields.

There are also the ‘Academic Advisors’ who are responsible for providing Secondary Stage students with helpful tips to help them choose the appropriate specialization; determine the elective and compulsory courses according to their skills and preferences; and help them to quickly finish their graduation requirements.

Students as Supervisors:

As a form of school activity, school management appointed a number of students as supervisors in each class. Their duty starts with the beginning of the school day till its end. Their task is to maintain order and protect the health and safety of the students while being in school courtyard, the playgrounds, the classrooms, the corridors, during recess or when performing the prayers,