نبذة عن المدارس

Our values

  • Adherence to Islamic Shariah: “Our schools stress commitment to Islamic Religion’s rules and ethics.”
  • Patriotism: “Our schools seek to instill Patriotism in the students and guide them towards developing a strong sense of loyalty, national pride and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of our dear nation. We, simply, believe that enhancing students’ feelings of national pride will, in turn,strengthen their sense of loyalty to school community.”

  • Justice: “Our schools pay special attention to establishing the principle of giving everyone his due.”
  • Creativity: Our schools encourage adopting innovative and inspirational ideas and work hard to create an environment that unleashes creativity and innovation and helps the students acquire creative problem solving skills.”
  • Honesty: “Honesty is the best policy. We believe that safety lies in telling the truth; and we seek to instill this value in our students to bring up them to be honest persons rejecting cheating and deception.”
  • Respect: “Dealing respectfully with everyone within our school community is basic”.
  • Responsibility: “Instilling discipline and readiness to take on responsibility in our students”
  • Cooperation: “Promoting teamwork and cooperation and how it is important to be open to others viewpoints and ideas.”
  • Abstraction: “We help our students develop abstract thinking skills which encourage them to imaginatively use a simple object to represent something, and try on a variety of symbolic roles”.
  • Imagination: “Imagination allows people to see what may go wrong in a process and envision how various solutions might solve those problems.”
  • Alertness ​​and Accuracy: “The quality of being mentally responsive and perceptive to work quickly with high quality”.
  • Perseverance: “Dar Al Uloom Schools encourage the students to continue attempting achieving their goals despite difficulties and to adopt a systematic approach in order to achieve the desired results at the highest possible levels of quality and accuracy.”
  • Taking Risks: “Despite the fact that taking risks can potentially cause physical harm or financial loss, but it might also present an opportunity for a rewarding outcome. Our schools instill in the students self-confidence, innovation and critical thinking.”
  • Inquisitiveness: “Our schools seek to implant inquisitiveness in the students so as to seek explanation and information on their own and to have curiosity to learn what is unknown. The quality shall develop their personal perspectives and help them reach individual solutions.”