نبذة عن المدارس

Our Logo

Dar Al Uloom Schools are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience and our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. Our logo consists of four parallel lines, with different colors, going upward, which symbolizes our schools strategy of looking forward to the future while keeping our basics and root principles of our Islamic identity and values.

Each icon of our logo has a rich meaning at its core, and represents some aspect of our effort to achieve the educational and pedagogical principles of our schools in harmony taking into account the different age stage of our students.

The first icon of our logo is colored in ‘Green’, which symbolizes development, vitality and prosperity. It represents the international section of Dar Al Uloom Schools.

Second, right above the first icon, an icon with the color ‘Blue’, this symbolizes ability, openness, and growth. It represents the Intermediated and Secondary stages at Dar Al Uloom Schools.

Then comes the third icon with the color ‘Orange’, which symbolizes Dar Al Uloom Schools vitality. It represents the Primary Stage at Dar Al Uloom Schools because this stage requires special attention from the Educational Management.

The fourth icon is colored in ‘purple’, symbolizing imagination and spirituality. This color is known for motivating and inspiring people to achieve their ideals. It represents Preschool stage, as this stage requires taking special care of our sons and daughters to feed their creativity and innovation.