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Our Vision

Dar Al-Uloom Schools are working hard to be the best choice in education for every parent who aspires for his children to be endowed with up-to-date knowledge and superior everyday skills.

Our Mission

We offer our students behavioral security , educational peace of mind , And Fruitful , constructive pedagogy in a effortless modern way , so that Dar Al-Uloom Schools become the ideal choice of many generations.

Our values

  • Adherence to Islamic Shariah: “Our schools stress commitment to Islamic Religion’s rules and ethics.”
  • Patriotism: “Our schools seek to instill Patriotism in the students and guide them towards developing a strong sense of loyalty, national pride and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of our dear nation. We, simply, believe that enhancing students’ feelings of national pride will, in turn,strengthen their sense of loyalty to school community.”

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