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The Forum of Al-Dar

Teaching children is a shared responsibility between school and their families. Teachers do not bear the responsibility for teaching the students alone – neither does the school. It is important to engage student’s family and the surrounding community in the educational process as they play important roles in students’ lives and thus directly affect students’ educational development. They should support the educational efforts made by our schools for developing the educational systems.


The role of the family is complementary to the role of the school to get the best results in terms of students’ educational and behavioral development. It should be noted that families’ continuous follow-up with the school helps improve the academic level of the student.

Our schools’ officials shall discuss with the parents the academic level of their son/daughter to identify the weaknesses s/he suffers from and handles them in every possible way taking into account teachers’ and supervisors’ observations.

For the sake of strengthening the relationship between Dar Al Uloom schools and students’ parents and the importance of the role which the family play in improving students’ academic level and positively impact the educational process; Dar Al Uloom Schools are keen to establish a direct and strong relationship with students’ parents to achieve effective communication and to discuss the reasons behind any performance shortcomings or poor academic performance in some subjects. This can be done through:


  • Identifying the reasons behind student’s poor academic performance and handling them in cooperation with school officials: the administrators, the supervisors and the teachers.
  • Avoiding the negative aspects that are not in line with the required values, which works for the interest of the educational process.
  • Enriching the educational process and motivating students to study after identifying their strengths and weaknesses and the educational problems that affect their achievement negatively.
  • Achieving harmony of the roles played by the school, the family and the student is our main objective.
  • Providing continuous support.
  • Facilitating the educational process for students and supporting the school in its various programs and activities. The parents may also provide the school with their observations and suggestions that contribute to solving and reducing school problems.


Towards that end, Dar Al Uloom Schools holds an annual forum to achieve constructive and genuine partnership between the schools and the parents. In this forum, our schools receive new students’ parents in a welcoming event and present to them school vision, mission, values ​​and policies.

In addition, our schools welcome the parents of our previously admitted students and invite them to renew and strengthen communication with school officials. The forum will be attended by schools’ principals as well as the educational and administrative staff.

The topics that will be discussed in the forum shall include the academic plans; the various programs applied in different departments; new additions to the schools and the developments done in terms of schools’ educational services or practices.

The Schools shall announce the agenda of school activities and events throughout the academic year. The forum also hosts specialists in the academic, educational and psychological fields to provide awareness programs to achieve greater benefit for all school community.


Objectives of the Forum:

  • Enhancing communication between the parents and school community.
  • Exchanging advice and suggestions with sections’ administrators.
  • Discussing the topics that are directly related to the educational aspects.
  • Introducing the academic schedule and the assessment policies.